Student Visa Interview Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, Singapore, UK, China Tips

Student Visa Interview Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, Singapore, UK, China Tips

Student Visa interview Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, Singapore, UK, China Tips. Many students work hard to clear IELTS to get study or student visa in many countries in well known universities they pay expensive college fees and think they will be able to settle down there but what they don’t understand is that student visa is not an immigrant visa it is just temporary solution to move outside of country they hire expensive lawyer to complete immigration file and in most case in longer run success is very very less,
A recent report by higher education data experts QS found that the single biggest factor that students consider when choosing a university is their chance of landing a good job when they complete their course. With increasing numbers of students opting to study abroad, and many intending to work abroad in the same country when they graduate, a crucial consideration is the strength of the employment market for degree-holders.

In the 2015 Times Higher Education employability rankings, which measures graduate prospects for each major university around the world, the top 50 places were dominated by universities in just a handful of countries. The US and UK took most of the top spots, and the only other countries to have a significant presence in the table were France, Germany, Australia, China and Canada.

But universities that boast good links to industry and a strong reputation with local employers is only part of the equation for international students. There are many other considerations too, such as visa restrictions or finding accommodation. Even for students who study in their home country, finding a job after college is no small feat. There are important questions such as how the cost of living compares with the average salary in an industry to go along with consideration of the state of the graduate job market. ( Source :

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