SYDNEY KOREAN FOOD TOUR – Strathfield Koreatown

SYDNEY KOREAN FOOD TOUR – Strathfield Koreatown

Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요) – its Korean Food time! Today we are bringing you to Strathfied in Sydney to do a Korean food tour in Sydney. Strathfield is the epicentre of everything Korean, from your Korean grocers, salons to cosmetics – its pretty much a Korea town, but one thing they have abundance of is the best Korean food in Sydney.

From Korean dumplings – Mandu to your KFC (Korean fried chicken) get ready for some orgasmic tour!

Let us know down in comment if we missed your favourite restaurant!

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The Mandoo
12A The Boulevarde, Strathfield
For you traditional handmade korean dumplings and cold noodle soup.

ICG Incredible Fried Chicken
Strathfield Sports Club
Hands down one of our favourite Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney. Order the Snow cheese chicken or the chili one feature on this episode.


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