Territy Bazar – AMAZING Chinese Indian Street Food Market in Kolkata

Territy Bazar – AMAZING Chinese Indian Street Food Market in Kolkata

Territy Bazar is an amazing Chinese Indian street food market in Kolkata. When you’re in Kolkata, and if you love food, don’t miss it!

When I first arrived in Kolkata (Calcutta), I was rather surprised that not much was open earling in the morning. I went out looking for something to eat and could only find a few stalls selling chai and bread, but nothing more substantial to eat for breakfast. So when I heard about the Territy Bazar, that opened very early in the morning and finished at about 10 am, I was excited.

At about 7 am I caught a taxi from Sudder street, where I was staying, to the Territy Bazar in Kolkata – it was about a 10 minute ride or so. The bazar market is located on Sun Yat Sen and not in Chinatown like I had thought it would be. Territy Bazar is a Chinese market, though you’ll find all sorts of Indian things there as well, but the main cooked food is all Chinese influenced. Upon arriving, I was just amazed, there were so many different things available and all spread out along the street.

At the entrance there were plenty of vegetable and fruit vendors and as I made my way into the Territy Bazar there was more and more cooked food. My first stop was with a man that was serving steamed dumplings. Though I wanted to eat his boazi, steamed Chinese buns filled with pork, he was out that day and only had fish balls and fried pork momos. Both of what he was serving that day came piping hot and were served with a lovely chili sauce that was delicious. After the momos, I headed over to eat a bowl of soup filled with fish ball on the corner. They even had a small table where you could rest your bowl and eat your soup. Since it was a cold morning in Kolkata, the soup was incredible!

After dining on the delicious Chinese Indian breakfast in Kolkata I took quite a while to browse around the highly interesting Territy Bazar and saw fish vendors, fruit sellers, a crew butchering pigs, and a host of other fresh market vendors. On my way out of the bazar I decided to polish off my delightful Kolkata style breakfast with a fresh coconut. Though it wasn’t a very good coconut, it wasn’t very sweet, it still was a great finish to a good time at Territy Bazar.

If you visit Kolkata, India, you have to wake up early one morning and head to the bazar for a lot of interesting sights and some good food!

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