The Budget Travel! – Macau (Watch in HD)

The Budget Travel! – Macau (Watch in HD)

Here’s an easy and budget-friendly trip around Macau all in one day! With my two older brothers and their good friend, Kuya Hector. Thank you for the Gondola ride!

I travel whenever I get time to travel and people ask me the same question, Why do you travel or why do you waste money on travel and I normally look at their faces that what should I answer them cause anyway they will never get to understand the answer unless you do it yourself. Seeing is believing and I agree with everyone. It’s education, exposure, learning, exploring, management, cultures, dealing, problem solving etc.

Life is short, so live it well! Travel, see the world, explore.
Dare to dream. Dare to be different.
Keep uploading, keep travelling.

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-Wade Wanders-

Music by: Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Hihache

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