The DIRTIEST Scam in India 💩👞

The DIRTIEST Scam in India 💩👞

A year ago an Indian scammer squirted poo on my shoe! Ever since then I’ve been trying to capture this scam on camera. I finally did it! The naughty poo-on-shoe scammer, Mr Poo, sneaks up behind unsuspecting tourists in New Delhi and squirts poop on their shoes then offers to clean it off for a crazy amount of money. This time he squirted my friend less than a minute after I warned him this was the area of Delhi that Mr Poo operates. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it either! And luckily, whenever I go through this area, I’m always filming to catch scammers.

According to online posts, this scam has been operating around Palika Bazaar since at least 2005. Mr Poo spends his day walking around the outside streets of Palika Bazaar stalking foreign guests to India. He strikes with his poop-shooter when the road isn’t so busy or if he has something like a pillar to hide behind. He’s cautious not to let too many people see his work.

After he scammed my friend, I kept following him and captured him also attacking a British couple. They had no idea. I watched the entire thing. From him bending down to squirt the poo on the man’s shoe to approaching them with the shoe cleaner. Precisely the same thing that happened to my friend and me.

If you want to do something about this, share this video with the Delhi Police. It’s their job to stop this guy from pooping on more foreigners shoes!

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