The Forbidden City- Beijing, China- Travel Man Dan

The Forbidden City- Beijing, China- Travel Man Dan

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In this episode of Travel Man Dan I am having a great time exploring one of coolest places in Beijing and all around China, The Forbidden City! This place is an amazing, exciting place of wonder and amazement that can take you back to feel like your in ancient China!

This video was shot to help people see what the inside area of this special UNESCO World Heritage site looks like. The building structures are kept in excellent preservation and each gate and courtyard is amazing and bustling with people all out to explore this epic traditional city within a city!

This episode was so much fun to film! Because I always dreamed of visiting this amazing place- I watched the movie The Last Emperor when I was young and it made such an impression on my imagination. I was so thrilled to be walking around another bucket list of places I’ve dreamed of. Each gate you walk through gives you a wonderful feeling of history and happiness. The courtyards are huge and filled with so much wonder at what actually happened here. It is fascinating to just stand in the middle of these massive courts and imagine hundreds of years of ancient Chinese history.

In this episode you’ll see how accommodating the Chinese people are to travelers. There is so much activity going on you must see it for yourself. In this episode you’ll see me meet some really cool students on a field trip, explore the gardens and residential dwellings of the emperor, and to just be inside the The Forbidden City!! I had such a fantastic time here and the gates and buildings should be a must see, and I look forward to visiting this area and showing it off to you!

China will always be a part of my life, as once you live in an country it becomes very familiar and always brings a smile to my face when I think of the past and how much fun I had living here! I will miss China but I know Ill always return and I am looking forward to new adventures around the world. I do my best to document my VLOGS as true to myself and how I see things around the world, and here in China. The Forbidden City is an absolute stunning sight to see and I suggest once in your life make the trip and see it for yourself!

Below is a link that you can read up on to gain more knowledge of The Forbidden City and Chinese culture. I also added important info about traveling in China that you may find useful. Also be sure to check out the 5 part series I put out on Shanghai- as well as the previous episodes on the high speed train and the Great Wall-but as always I recommend you visiting yourself and going on your own epic adventure!
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