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The Most Creative People of the Year

Who says 2016 wasn’t amazing? Despite all the chaos, confusion and upset of the past 12 months, we saw many bright lights in the creative world. We present the best of them here, in our Creativity 50, our list of the year’s most influential innovators. They come not just from advertising and marketing, but technology, entertainment, art and more. Each of their stories is a testament to the power of creativity and risk taking to change the canada goose factory outlet game for the better no matter your field. Hopefully, they’ll serve as inspiration for you, too, to create fearlessly in the year to come.

The world of women’s media has its icons. There’s Vogue, Cosmopolitan and, if we were to name one for the canada goose outlet digital age, it would be Refinery29. Founded as an online women’s magazine in 2005 by Christene Barberich, Piera Gelardi, Philippe canada goose outlet canada von Borries and Justin canada goose uk black friday Stefano, the media company knows how to really like, really talk to millennial women, delivering content that spans beauty, fashion, sex, shopping, body issues, current events, politics and more basically, everything and anything its readers want to know about.

This year, R29’s audience shot up to 334 million across multiple platforms more canada goose outlet store than double that of last year’s 158 million largely due to Snapchat Discover and R29’s increase in canada goose outlet online uk video production. That included the debut on YouTube of Riot, a new female comedy channel and a Facebook360 series for New York Fashion Week. In May, R29 bowed its first podcast, “Strong Opinions, Loosely Held,” in which host Elisa Kreisinger explores such subjects as “Why Islam and Feminism Aren’t Mutually Exclusive,” the Kardashians and “Surviving a Post Election Thanksgiving.”

“Two things that factored really heavily into our early success, and our sustained success, is that we really listened to our audience and paid attention to what what they cared about and also Canada Goose Jackets took risks with content,” said Ms. Barberich. “We tapped into this real desire for peer to peer conversation and also real information that was both canada goose uk outlet inspiring and really practical. We relied very heavily on two way conversation and made sure that feedback loop was constantly open and that we were responding with better ideas, enhancing the content based on how people were engaging with it early on.”

The company has also proved a knack for developing smart brand partnerships too, with companies ranging from Planned Parenthood to Keds to The Atlantic. It continues to host innovative events and saw the second year of “29 Rooms,” an immersive funhouse at New York Fashion Week, as well as the 67% Symposium, a forum on women’s size canada goose outlet store uk representation in the media. The event capped off the 67% Project, in which R29 partnered with Lane Bryant and Aerie and promised the images it used would reflect the reality that two thirds of American women are plus size. The company also teamed with Getty Images and spent six months creating a 67% collection of stock artwork and photography.

Piera Gelardi: Creativity is problem canada goose outlet reviews solving, matchmaking, tinkering, remixing. Fashion Week with a funhouse of interactive artwork to create the viral event “29 Rooms.”

Making the space for creativity entails letting your guard down, opening your mind to new ideas, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. It takes courage to go into unknown territory and risk falling on your canada goose uk shop face. You have to be willing to go to uncomfortable places.

Christene Barberich: That profound connection between heart and intellect, and dwelling, sometimes awkwardly, in the mystery the start of something big can bring. It’s knowing how to get out of the way, too. Because creativity is a lot like creative people it doesn’t want to be controlled or limited. But it does love encouragement, freedom and the space to become all that it can be getting out of the way so something magical can happen.

With February’s debut of “Full Frontal” on TBS, Samantha Bee became the first woman to “crash” the “late night boy’s club,” as Rolling Stone canada goose clearance put it. Even before the show’s arrival, last year Vanity Fair acknowledged her time was coming, yet didn’t think to put her on what turned out to be an all male cover, which it tweeted out with a caption: “We talked to canada goose outlet sale all the titans of late night ”

But Ms. Bee fixed it, retweeting a version that placed her front and center, as a centaur with a tattooed chest and laser eyes. a mix mastery of intelligence, wit, social astuteness, anger and just being plain damn funny. That’s also evident in such segments in which she’s skewered the backlog of untested rapekits, poked fun at President Obama for getting “really old, really fast” in office and processed the results of the election.

And while she brings her own fresh take to the comedy scene, she’s put other marginalized voices at the forefront too, with a crew that’s about 50% women and 30% non white. She said in a New York Magazine canada goose coats profile, “There’s a lot of canada goose outlet people sitting around in rooms discussing how to make it happen as opposed to just, like, doing it. “Quite simply,” as CNN explained it, “she is one of those stars of color who until now has been beyond race for the mainstream audience.”

Queen Bey, naturally, not only prevailed, but triumphed (boycottbeyonce on Twitter fizzled out and Beyonc had to add dates to her tour to meet demand for tickets). Just before the big game, she had pulled her own teaser style move by debuting her new song, “Formation,” along with the highly charged music video directed by fellow C50 Melina Matsoukas that went on to earn an inaugural Music Grand Prix at Cannes this year.

In April, she dropped, “Lemonade,” which would become her sixth consecutive No. 1 album, with a secretly produced clip for each track. Fan and critical response has been nothing less than rapturous. The album earned a “universal claim” score of canada goose black friday sale 92 on Metacritic, and Rolling Stone, in naming it the best album of the year, declared it to be “a soul on fire masterpiece, testifying about love, rage and betrayal that canada goose outlet nyc felt all too true in the America of 2016.”

If 2016 was an annus horribilis, its kickoff event was undoubtedly the death of David Bowie. The singer’s much mourned passing was announced Jan. 10, three days after he released a mysterious final video, “Lazarus,” in which he appeared lying with eyes bandaged on a hospital bed, and then floating above it.

Mr. Bowie’s iconic status transcended the world of music. Touching art, film and fashion, his influence was felt throughout pop culture. An early proponent of the music video long before it was an established art form, he created iconic videos including “Ashes to Ashes,” “Life on Mars” and, more recently, “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” with Tilda Swinton. Brands including Louis Vuitton, Pepsi and Vittel used him in their ads, while his music has appeared in countless spots.

His presence was felt throughout 2016, from posthumous success with his album “Blackstar” to the British Olympic team entering the stadium in Rio to “Heroes.”

When Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia founded Airbnb eight years ago after meeting as students at the Rhode Island School of Design, they shook up the hospitality industry in a major way.

What started as a home sharing platform is evolving into a travel hub that offers authentic experiences with locals and immersive guides. New products, which are expected soon to include flights and services, further the brand’s quest to be essential to travelers. Aside from innovating hospitality, Airbnb has become a muse for creative marketing ideas, such as a real life replica of Van Gogh’s bedroom, or a house floating down the River Thames both tie ups with other brands.

Valued at $30 billion, the San Francisco based company is expected to go public as soon as next year. “For many people, travel is easy, but it’s not magical,” Mr. Chesky said recently. “We don’t think there should be a trade off we think travel can be magical and easy.”

Giphy and remaining co founder Alex Chung have taken the art of the GIF to new places. The database for looping mini videos raised $72 million this year and is now reportedly valued at $600 million. Canada Goose sale It’s been integrated into almost every major app, from Twitter to WhatsApp, and has become a go to modern day communications tool for consumers and marketers alike, attracting such brands as Disney, GE, HBO and even NASA.

This year, the company started Giphy Studios, which produces original animated content, and introduced tools for real time creation to media companies like canada goose outlet in usa Comedy Central by adding a GIF making to its digital video experience. Mr. Chung also created the platform as a haven for artists, so who knows? This millennium’s Picasso could be a GIF maker.

In birthing Netflix’s first black superhero, journalist turned showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker accomplished something akin to a death defying feat. While “Daredevil” and “Jessica Jones” already had a home on the streaming platform, anticipation for “Luke Cage,” based on Marvel’s canada goose outlet jackets bulletproof crime fighter, was ripe. But some wondered if the Harlem set series would be “too black” for the genre, a topic Mr. Coker often addressed during the lead up to the show’s premiere.

“I don’t really want the show to have the mantle of this is the black side of Marvel, as if only black people can enjoy this. I think this show, if anything, is inclusively black,” he told TV Guide in September. “Yes, this is a hip hop show, but it’s not done at the expense of alienating anyone who didn’t sign up for this experience.”

Amid the shakeup in late night TV, James Corden has emerged as the unlikely after hours host to watch. Previously a largely unknown British actor, Mr. Corden took over CBS’s “The Late Late Show” in March 2015, turning the talk show from a home for insomniacs to a mainstream hit, thanks to segments that have become viral video gold.

Most notably, “Carpool Karaoke,” in which Mr. Corden and a celebrity drive around while singing popular music, has generated a massive digital audience. The segment, canada goose store which is becoming a standalone show on Apple Music, has featured everyone from Britney Spears to Michelle Obama, with the most popular featuring Adele and amassing more than 130 million views. Mr. Corden’s “Drop the Mic” segment, in which he engages in rap battles with celebrities, also has been picked up to series by TBS.

Aside from his late night success, Mr. Corden hosted the Tony Awards in June and is set to take on emcee duties for the 59th Grammy Awards.

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