Tibet Travel: Is it safe to travel Tibet?

Tibet Travel: Is it safe to travel Tibet?

Withincredible plateau view and harsh natural environment closely intertwined, travelling to Tibet is truly like no other! So, is it safe to visit Tibet? Well, the answer is definitely “Yes”! Let’s take a quick look.

High Altitude (AMS)
Averaging an elevation of above 4000m, Tibet is arguably the highest place for travel on our planet. For that, some are pretty concerned about the issue of altitude sickness.

Actually, so long as you are physically fit and have no heart problem, it’s quite safe to visit Tibet. Though for the newcomers to Tibet, you may experience headache, dizziness, or shortness of breath, etc., there is no need to panic. Have a good rest; as your body gradually gets acclimated to Tibetan plateau, all the initial discomfort will disappear soon.

Next comes to weather and climate in Tibet. Due to the high altitude, the air in Tibet is crisp, arid and thin. Eye-blinding sunshine and dramatic temperature change are pretty common. Do dress properly and keep yourself warm; it’s better to wear multiple layers. On top of that, sunscreen, sun glasses, lip balm, are also quite necessary.

Road Condition, easy transport( reliable, efficient)
The transport to Tibet is also quite safe. You may choose to fly to Lhasa or take the scenic Tibet train, or even travel overland from either Chengdu or Kathmandu to Lhasa. Of these three, Tibet train is the most cost-efficient and punctual choice.

Surprisingly, the road condition in major 7 prefectures across Tibet is exceptionally good. The well-built asphalt road leads to all the landmark attractions, including EBC.

Local Tibetan
Unlike the preconception that Tibetans are barbarian and rude, you will find the smiles of local Tibetans infectious and genuine; their devotion for Buddhism and pure innocenceworth your respect; since all the Tibetans are Buddhists, the crime and theft in Tibet is hardly heard. It’s a perfect place for female, solo travelers or family tour.

Other Dos and Don’ts (religious taboos)
One thing to remind you. As you visit Tibet, try not to violate Buddhist taboos. Skimpy clothes are not allowed for visiting Buddhist monasteries; do not swim in the holy lakes in Tibet; don’t take photos inside the Tibetan monasteries, etc. When you are not sure of a local Tibetan custom, asking your guide’s permission first is always a wise choice.

Besides, you don’t need a particular vaccination for Tibet visit. The plague can’t survive at such high altitude and all the day-to-day visit is well-designed for best tour experience and travel safety.


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