Tips for Transit in Hong Kong International Airport

Tips for Transit in Hong Kong International Airport

Tips for transit at the HK airport:

Step 1: As soon as you step out of your plane, follow the TRANSIT sign.

Step 2: As you keep on following the TRANSIT sign, you will find the security check.

Step 3: Pass the security and take escalator to got to upper floor.

Step 4: Find a display board and locate your next flight number and its gate number.

Step 5: Now you will have to find the GATE NUMBER of your flight. Its very easy at HK airport as gate numbers are mentioned everywhere. You can take a train in terminal T1 to reach gate numbers 40-80 and 201-230.

If you need to go to terminal T2, its very easy to navigate by walk. Both the terminals are inter-connected.

Hong Kong International airport is the hub of Cathey Pacific & Cathey Dragon (formerly Dragon Air) and If you are travelling with Cathey Pacific or Cathey Dragon, you will have to change the plane in Hong Kong (HK) airport, if Hong Kong is not your destination country.
HK airport has two terminals T1 and T2. Its quite easy to transit at the airport. The airport is well connected with the city and a number of airport buses travel between city and the airport. Hong Kong metro also has station just outside the arrival hall.

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