Travel Hong Kong Like a Local — Hong Kong | The Travel Intern

Travel Hong Kong Like a Local — Hong Kong | The Travel Intern

It’s the land of LIU SHA BAOS, SPRINGY TOMATO NOODLES and other yummy foodie goodies! But is food all there is to Hong Kong? We think not!

Check out what we did in Hong Kong for a week:

00:11 – HK Airport Express & 72-Hour Unlimited MTR Travel Pass
The travel passes were very, very helpful and convenient to use. Fuss-free transportation from the airport to the city~

00:19 – Dim Sum Square
You can’t escape DIM SUM in the land of Dim Sum.

00:24 – Mini Walnut Cookies Making Class
And if you can’t escape from the food in HK, why not get some hands-on and try making your own local HK fare? 😀 Yummy or not, it’s really up to you.

00:32 – AquaLuna Evening Sail
I’m sure you’ve seen these red-sail Chinese junk boats all along the river, so what better way than to hop on one of them to end the night?

00:41 – Central Street Art (English Tour)
Hong Kong might not be too known for its street art, but it’s always interesting to find out the significance and history of these artwork that are on full display along the streets! 🙂

00:52 – Tsim Chai Kee Noodles
DON’T MISS OUT ON THEIR MICHELIN GUIDE WONTON NOODLES! Looks unassuming, but packs the biggest punch, ever. In their huge prawn dumplings. Hahaha.

00:57 – Causeway Bay
Villain hitting was a… pretty unique experience, if I must say.

01:06 – Tung Chung MTR to Lantau Island (via Cable Car)
Ngong Ping 360 Crystal Cabin (Klook Exclusive Lane)
We recommend this product because… Who doesn’t love and appreciate an express line??!?!

01:22 – Tian Tan Buddha
268 steps…. EZ PZ. *pants*

01:29 – Sunset Peak
Hike your way up to Sunset Peak and get the most gorgeous view of the sea of clouds and Lantau Peak before nightfall.

01:42 – Sai Kung Pier
Start your Sai Kung exploration from the pier!

01:49 – Sai Wan Hiking Trail
More hiking, of course. How else would you get the BEST views!!

01:57 – High Island Reservoir East Dam
It’s always refreshing being away from the city for at least a day or two.

02:02 – Peak Tram (to Victoria’s Peak)
And of course, no trip to Hong Kong would be complete without a visit to Victoria’s Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Island?

02:13 – Horse Races Pub Crawl
Not just any pub crawl, a horse racing pub crawl.

02:26 – Hong Kong Disneyland
The happiest place on Earth :’-) Self-explanatory :’-)

02:49 – Sing Hueng Yuen
One of Hong Kong’s most popular dishes is their tomato soup noodles, and here at Sing Hueng Yuen, the tomato soup noodles are AMAZING.

02:53 – Kowloon Peak
Also known as “Suicide Cliff”, Kowloon Peak serves STUNNING, unparalleled views of the city from above.

Have you been to HONG KONG!! Let us know~


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