TRAVELING CHINA on a BUDGET (1) : where and when?

TRAVELING CHINA on a BUDGET (1) : where and when?

So you want to travel in China without spending too much money ? Well I hope I can somewhat help you !

In this first video : what destinations and what time of the year to choose to travel for cheap !
Part 2 “Food & hostels” :
Part 3 “Plane, train or bus ?” :
Part 4 “Avoiding scams” :

Looks like audio and video got somewhat un-synchronised after uploading, I can’t seem to be able to change it so really sorry about that!!

If you want to contribute to the subtitles, here you go : (thank you so much in advance !)


Useful links :

Best time of the year to travel in China :
Traveling to Gansu during the Golden Week :
All my travels and trips in China :
Golden Week in China :
Suggestions of itineraries when traveling to China : (link in French)


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