Travelling to Lanzhou from Beijing

Travelling to Lanzhou from Beijing

Vlogging our experience in domestic travels from Beijing Capital International Airport to Lanzhou, then taking a hard sleeper train to Dunhuang.

We booked a hostel in Dunhuang through the booking website ‘Booking’, but when we arrived it was a ghost town. Whoever was managing the hostel clearly forgot that he had people booked to stay on the date and never showed up. A couple of foreigners in a quiet town, we didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, we were able to book a decent hotel for cheap online because they had some rooms to fill. That scathing review never had to be written because we received a refund.

In the next episode, we make our way to the Crescent Moon Lake / Yueya Spring in the Gobi Desert!

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Detroit: Become Human Opening Theme Remix/Cover by Gene Sargent (2018)

Someday by Coyote Hearing (CC YouTube Audio Library)

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Recorded on Sony FDR-AX53

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