Updated Game of Thrones Odds After Episode 2: Who Dies First in Season 8, Odds the Night King is a Stark, and More…

Game of Thrones’ Season 8 there promises to be plenty of Activity Within the past four, and is Just Two episodes in

Jon’s show to the battle preparations highlighted Episode 2 along with Daenerys Explore our upgraded props for the last four episodes Game of Thrones’ second episode of Season 8 has been much like it is first. There wasn’t much in terms of action, although the characters and the plot-driven tensions continued to push the series.
That is about to change.
There are four episodes left, and also the teaser for Episode 3 showed that we will become fairly deep into the battle using all the Night King. We could complete it, but his army is immense. And if the show somehow developed a way for the struggle to span two episodes, it would not surprise us.
Together with the deadline abbreviated, check out a number of our Game of Thrones bets.
Who Can Perish First in Season 8 Game of Thrones?
When Will Perish First in Season 8? Odds at Bovada
Theon Greyjoy +125
Jaime Lannister +300
Euron Greyjoy +500
Cersei Lannister +750
Yara Greyjoy +1000
Arya Stark +1500
Tyrion Lannister +1500
Jon Snow +2000
Daenerys Targaryen +2500
Sansa Stark +2500
*All odds taken 04/22/19 It is a little shocking to view Theon Grejoy in the peak of the list initially. Then you realize that the other characters all have . Theon is also putting himself squarely between the Night King and Bran.

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