Travel by overnight sleeper train in Vietnam from Danang to Hanoi! I rode the 4-berth soft sleeper and toured the 6-berth hard sleeper near the end. Watch more Vietnam vlogs:
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Hi family! Alright…so this overnight train ride to Hanoi was not the most pleasant for me; however, it is still a great way to travel Vietnam. Here are some things I’d recommend you doing if you are considering taking the sleeper train:

-DO bring food & snacks! No food cart rolled around during the entire 16 hour train ride. I kept trying to listen for the wheeling of the cart and even left my door open around dinner time. There was nothing. There was water and hot water though πŸ™‚ Cup o noodles team!

-DO bring jacket, scarf, or sarong that you can wear. It gets COLD at night especially as we get closer North. You can even lay them down if you’re afraid of unclean bedsheets.

-DO check the door & lights in your room when you arrive in case there’s some kind of malfunction. You may be able to ask the train staff (who come around sometimes) to switch to another one.

-DON’T talk super loudly and be mindful of other passengers in the room. A man ended up taking the berth next to me at 12am and was talking on the phone for a whole hour :/

-DON’T buy your tickets online if you can just get it at the station a few days earlier or even a day earlier! I met a couple of travellers who just showed up that day and booked. It is always cheaper way cheaper at the train station. OR ask your hotel staff to help you book it. Don’t go to a tour agency – they’ll charge you lots. I was traveling during TET so had no choice but to secure it online. If you’re on last resort – check out (the site I use for train & ferry travel in Southeast Asia).

If you don’t want to take a sleeper train but still want to experience it, take the Vietnam railway train from Hue to Danang or Danang to Hue. It is a 2.5 hour train ride with breathtaking views of Vietnam’s coastline! You can just get a regular seat, no sleeper needed.

While this train ride didn’t go so well for me, I know the experience is different for everyone. Take it or not, it’s up to you :)! It IS way better than the overnight busses – or so I heard.

Thank you for tuning in! Hope this information helps you when traveling in Vietnam!

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