[Vlog?] Canton fair 2018 in China – looking for InMove bags, t-shirts, stickers, buffs

[Vlog?] Canton fair 2018 in China – looking for InMove bags, t-shirts, stickers, buffs

https://inmoveskates.com – inline skates and backpacks in the USA
http://imskates.com – online slalom lessons

Alex Shulgan (InMove Skates rider and co-founder) went to Canton fair in China to look for the club T-shirts, backpacks, stickers, buffs and so on. He also saw some inline skates products but as InMove Skates store work only with famous quality brands we won’t buy them.
While he had day off he found a cheap city rental with some fake freeride skates. He tried to show some tricks to domestic skaters but it was really hard as the wheels are like plastic and the rental owner asked to use plastic bags instead of socks. Anyway, slalom skaters at first even asked not to disturb their cones as Alex looked like a traveller and a beginner in cheap rental skates. But after all they took pictures and saved contacts.
Next stop in China would be in Micro Skates office and warehouse.

Let us know if you would like future InMove Skates t-shirt, stickers, buffs and backpacks. And what design would you prefer? Do you have any ideas? Leave your idea in comments below.

BTW this is a test of Sony X3000 camera and smth like vlog style. Alex not a native speaker so he is learning English to talk well. Let us know how we can improve our future vlog videos. Peace! πŸ™‚

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