Here you can choose any food you like Then put it in this iron plate Calculate money according to the weight of the food Here you can see Jackie Chan’s photo

The whole building is a cinema opened by Jackie Chan himself There are also panda figurines because Chengdu is the hometown of pandas Haha, not only are they licking their ears, but they are on the road, what a ghost! It’s 10am now Then we are going to go around for a meal, then go see the panda Before departure We have just arrived at the Giant Panda Base

Here is the Panda Court They should be here but not here So we have to line up in front of us Show panda information on this brand There is one called peach, one called Jiaoao, and their birthday and parent information I don't know if you can't see a panda crawling on this tree

It’s strange to call them red pandas in French and English and the Chinese just call them little pandas

Source: Youtube

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