What if "Baahubali" was made in low budget – RodFactory

What if "Baahubali" was made in low budget – RodFactory

What if Bahubali was made in low budget

What if one of the epic movies in Indian Film Industry “Bahubali” was made in low budget

Here are a bunch of idiots who plan to remake “Bahubali” in a budget of 25000/-

We feel honored and humbled that our work is being shared by ‪Baahubali‬ team on their official Facebook and Twitter page. “You are making the biggest motion picture of India and you sport a sense of humor” Rajamouli garu !! Thanks a lot for the appreciation

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Created & Directed by
Prudhvi Chandra

Dr.Raghuram Naik & Prudhvi Chandra

Anil Choda

Publicity Design
Abhinay Thimmaraju

Mantrimouli – Varun Raj
Babu Alugadda – Aditya Dronamraju
Abbas Raju – Susheel Chinta
Nana Thondarapati – Vinay Kuyya
Kanishka Shetty – Tejaswini
Peter Pothuraju – Dr.Raghuram Naik
Babu Liril – Vamsi Dronamraju
Menthol Kumar – Nizamuddin

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