World's Only Surviving Giant Panda Triplets Draw Spring Festival Revelers

World's Only Surviving Giant Panda Triplets Draw Spring Festival Revelers

The giant panda is the most iconic animal of China. And the Chinese would like to visit and re-visit these lovely animals, especially during holiday seasons.

What Spring Festival holiday-makers are visiting and photoing in the Chimelong Safari Park in south China’s Guangdong Province are not just ordinary rare giant pandas. They are very rare giant pandas. Their rarity comes from the fact that they are the world’s only surviving giant panda triplets.

The probability of giant pandas giving birth to twins are fifty-fifty, but the probability of them giving birth to triplets drops to really low. There have been just three recorded triplet births since August of 2014 in the whole world. And the Chimelong triplets are the world’s only surviving triplets.

This probably explains the reason why giant panda lovers have chosen Chimelong for a special Spring Festival outing.

“I don’t have much time normally. I come here only during the Spring Festival and have got the festival atmosphere. The pandas are adorable here,” said a tourist surnamed Lei.

Twins or triplets, giant pandas are just fluffy and adorably clumsy animals to kids.

And here is one kid who has some special feeling toward giant pandas.

“I’m here to see the animals. I like pandas. And I want to imitate pandas. They are adorable,” she said.
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