Xinjiang Uyghur Food | What Should I Eat While Traveling to Xinjiang? Q&A #4

Xinjiang Uyghur Food | What Should I Eat While Traveling to Xinjiang? Q&A #4

The Uyghur food of Xinjiang is some of the best you’ll eat in all of China. Here are the best Xinjiang foods your should definitely try!

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What are the best parts of the Uighur cuisine here in China’s far western Xinjiang region? There are so many, but if I had to distill it down to a “top 10” list, this is what I would say:

1) *Uyghur Polo or 抓饭*: this is an amazing rice pilaf that is common all over Central Asia but is a specialty of the Uyghur people here in Xinjiang.

2) *Laghman or 拉面*: a bowl of noodles – this is part of both the Uyghur cuisine and the Hui cuisine here – that has a concoction of meat and vegetables poured on top.

3) *Lamb Kebabs or 烤肉*: delicious lamb meat on a stick. Need I say more?

4) *Uyghur bread or 馕*: there are so many different kinds of Uyghur bread that you can find in Xinjiang, China. Try them all!

5) *Uyghur Ice Cream or 维吾尔冰淇凌*: It’s ice cream with a Uyghur twist 🙂

6) *Samsa or 烤包子*: I think of this like a Uyghur “Hot Pocket”. It’s a baked snack that is filled with lamb meat and onions.

7) *DaPanJi or 大盘鸡*: This literally translates to “Big Plate Chicken” and it’s…well…a big plate of chicken! 🙂

8) *Stuffed Lamb Intestine*: Don’t knock it until you try it!

9) *Matang or 麻糖*: a specialty Uyghur street snack that is a chewy
mixture of nuts and seeds.

10) *Xinjiang fruits*: Xinjiang produces more fruits than any other part of China and there’s always something fresh to buy on the street.

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