Yunnan Vacation Travel Video Guide

Yunnan Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Yunnan in China.
Kunming is located in the Chinese province of Yunnan in southwest China.The Buddhist temple of Ykan Ton Si dates back to the Tang Dynasty. The design of the city’s largest temple complex was influenced by many diverse ethnic groups. The highlight of the complex is a lake in the middle of which a number of bridges lead to an octagonal pavilion. The Temple of Total Penetration (yes, that’s its name!) is a tranquil and peaceful haven amid the busy alleys of Kunming’s old town.In the west of Yunnan Province, there are magnificent views from Xi Shan Mountain. Across Dianchi Lake and nestled among the rocks are numerous temples that were once the scene of ritual sacrifice. On the downward journey, the temples loom larger and larger while earthenware images of Buddha depict various stages of life.Yunnan’s most famous site is the unique Stone Forest of Shilin. Its limestone rock originated from a long since dried–up ocean, when the elements set to work on creating its fantastic and bizarre forms. The most amazing formations were given dramatic names such as The Sea of Fire, Dragon’s Tooth and Heavenly Sword. Pagodas, columns and strange flowers appear to rise from the rock and to facilitate access tunnels and paths have been cut into the rock face.The Venice of the Far East is the nickname of the ancient Chinese city of Lijiang, in the northwest of Yunnan Province. The picturesque centre of the old town of Dayan is an architectural gem. Three rivers and several small creeks flow through the historic cit and there are various splendid stone bridges date back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties.Bao Shan is a typical village of the region and is just as it was hundreds of years ago with farmers slowly leading their ox wagons through the village. The houses were built over a period of more than 200 year between the Ming and Qing Dynasties, in 14 and 16 A.D. Yunnan Province – place of simplicity, exquisite culture and spectacular natural wonders!

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