Zaj Qeej Tshuab Rau Neeg Noj Tshuaj Tuag

Zaj Qeej Tshuab Rau Neeg Noj Tshuaj Tuag

Zaj Qeej Tshuab Rau Neeg Noj Tshuaj Tuag
Dear all
Thanks for visiting through Hmong Odyssey channel!
My name is Asu Giang (follow write in Vietnamese) or ASu Yang in hmong pronounce, I am a freelance tour guide of hmong minority at the north of Vietnam, I lived in Mu Cang Chai and Hanoi and have 4 years experienced work as tour guide.
Why I have chose this channel name is Hmong Odyssey? What Odyssey’s meaning?
I want to choose this name (Hmong Odyssey) for show you guys to explore and discorver How h’mong people’s culture and life in Vietnam different to other country, as you know that h’mong populations is over 15 milliions people live in many country over world such as China(10 millions)
Vietnam : 1,068,189 (2009)
Laos : 595,028 (2015)
United State : 260,073 (2010)
Thailand : 250,070 (2015)
Australia : 2,190
France (French Guiana): 2,000
Canada 805[8].
We have long history and different culture to other kind of people, Nowaday, not so many people know about h’mong’s customs that is the reason idea I created this channel to shoot some short video to you guys, I hopefully you guys will be able to help to give me a Like and subscribe for support to this channel. I will try hard to improve myself quickly to take much good quality video show on this channel.
The Odyssey is one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer, it tells about a long journey to find out this earth, it is a difficult life try to find freedom life and better life, I saw it was similar as Hmong’s history in the past for many thousand years ago, that is why I called H’mong Odyssey.

Thank you very much for reading my idea!
I hope you have a day for work!
WhatsApp: +84368538613
Zaj Qeej Tshuab Rau Neeg Noj Tshuaj Tuag

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