Roast Goose Chinese BBQ Feast | Chinese Street Food | Street Food in China 2017 Episode 2

Roast Goose Chinese BBQ Feast | Chinese Street Food | Street Food in China 2017 Episode 2

One of the most famous street food dishes in China and definitely one of the trendiest Chinese Barbeque BBQ dishes is ChaoZhou (Chiu Chow) style whole Goose braised in a special stock made of secret spices.

While popular Chinese BBQ dishes such as roasted duck, char siu Chinese bbq pork, and roasted suckling pig are quite popular street foods, braised goose from the ChaoZhou or TeoChew region of China is making a rapid ascent up the foodie charts.

Unlike Peking Duck where the most amazing part is the crispy skin, the defining trait of Teochew cuisine Braised Goose is the flavor of the master superior sauce stock which has been infused in the tender goose meat. While roast duck is quite a common street food, you don’t often find fantastic Goose meat in China. Great goose meat has incredible flavor due to the higher fat content and is amazing to savor as a street food.

ChaoZhou Braised Goose originated comes from the area of ChaoZhou city, Shantou city, Jieyang city in Northeastern Guangdong province. The dish is quite a popular Chinese street food dish and has even made its way to the streets of Hong Kong and even Bangkok Thailand through early Chinese immigrants from Guangdong province.

The owner of this Braised Goose Chinese BBQ shop we spoke to originally is from ChaoZhou and the goose they use comes from their family farm. He has been making his famous braised goose for over 20 years and was super friendly!

If you come to China and to Guangzhou in particular, be sure to check out this braised goose bbq shop for some awesome street food meat, but in the meantime, hope you enjoy this street food video!

Here is a quick recipe guide for this Chinese street food dish known as ChaoZhou Braised Goose!

• Farm fresh goose is first butchered whole and then marinated in a blend of Chinese rice wine, garlic, and ginger to get rid of any gamey flavor.
• The goose is then braised in a special sauce stock called Lu Shui which is made from a combination of spices such as star anise, cinnamon, five spice mixture, salt, sugar, ginger, garlic, Chinese rice wine, soy sauce, and sometimes dried orange peel.
• The braising process takes hours as the goose is often rotated in the boiling stock to let the sauce and braising liquid fully absorb into the meat
• Fun Fact: the Lu Shui, or special superior stock (上汤; 上湯; shàngtāng) is reused often over and over (sometimes for decades) resulting in a flavor packed “aged” sauce that makes braising taste better and better over time. It’s similar to Japanese unagi Eel grilling where a “master” sauce can sometimes be used for more than 100 years.

How to Find this Braised Goose BBQ Shop in Guangzhou China?

Location information: The shop name is called ChaoZhou Guang Ji Lu Wei Diang. It is a small shop with only a few tables for seating, as most of their business is take away.

Directions: Take the Guangzhou Metro Subway system, access Line 1, exit at Peasant Movement Institute Station, walk South along Dezheng Middle Road for about 20 minutes.

Address (approximate): 218 Dezheng Middle Rd, Yuexiu Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510000

This video is part of our China Street Food Tour video series, Episode 2. Our Chinese Street Food Tour series features the best, and most authentic street food chefs and cooks that are making time honored, amazingly delicious street food dishes for real locals to enjoy. Be sure to check out Episode 1 Pork Ribs BBQ Volcano in case you missed it! More new street food videos and episodes coming your way each week! Stay tuned for the best Chinese street food videos from our team at SuperEgg!

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