Travelling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen

Travelling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen

Few tips and tricks on how to travel from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, China.

Travelling from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, is very fast and is quite accessible. Both countries provide many means of transportation for both tourists and locals alike to easily get from one border to the other, and vice versa.

One option to try is by taking a minivan, which generally operates in both countries and can occupy up to seven passengers at a time.

However, this alternative is better taken in China, as it travels farther and is much cheaper than in Hong Kong.

Not only will Hong Kong’s minivan system cost you 40 yen more, but will also simply drop you off at the border, which can be a problem especially if you have heavy luggage. Whereas in China, you would not need to step out of the vehicle as the border officials will only check each passport and will then let the van pass.

Other options you can try is by taking the metro station from Hong Kong to the border, by simply taking a flight from one country to the other, or by your private vehicle, of course, only if you have one.

Be careful about bringing large containers, such as boxes and whatnot, into the border as it may cause issues along the way. You also have to allot ample time when crossing, especially when travelling in the minivan system, just as a precautionary measure when issues and other possible delays arise.

Avoid the border at night or during rush hours, as pickpockets, thieving and other such acts are rampant during these times.

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